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At BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, our educational philosophy is centered around student autonomy and self-advocacy. As such, many of the services we provide for students and families keep in mind this critical community pillar:

  • Student Support and Teacher Office Hours—our program ensures that students are nurtured and supported academically, plus the unique offering of teacher office hours available for all students.
  • BASIS Organizational Skills for Success (BOSS)—a program focused on student readiness for the start of the school year.
  • Peer Tutoring—a school-wide initiative to support the academic success of all student and normalize the seeking of help from peers.

We also offer many critical auxiliary services such as a hot lunch program, before and after care, and transportation to ensure to make school life as easy as possible:

  • Early and Late Bird Program—age-appropriate and productive activities before and after school hours.
  • Transportation—bus service throughout the Bay Area.
  • Meal Program—an optional service by Choice Lunch for students who wish to purchase lunch.

Read below to learn more details about these services and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Support Along the Way

Student Support & Teacher Office Hours

Deans are assigned to a specific grade level, or group of grade levels, to regularly monitor student performance and proactively identify those who need support or are making exceptional strides. 

Deans play a very specific role in developing and orchestrating a plan for students who need additional support above what is offered in the classroom. First, they meet with the student and assess, then they employ a plethora of strategies such as extra teacher hours, peer tutoring, executive functioning and organizational support.

Most importantly, whether a student is on a Student Support Plan or not, we celebrate success as students inevitably make strides towards achieving their individual goals as scholars.

All teachers are required to hold weekly office hours that are available to students (and parents) who want to check in on progress, review content or homework, work on some extra skills, and more.  

BASIS Organizational Skills for Success (BOSS)

In every grade, teachers focus on the development of two fundamental competencies: the organization of complex tasks and the productive management of the student's limited time. 

We take the importance of this preparation a step further with our BASIS Organizational Skills for Success (B.O.S.S.) program, which typically takes place the week before the start of the academic year.

The optional program focuses not only on executive functioning skills to set students up for success, but also serves as a way for students to get to know fellow classmates, supporting the transition into our program.  

Peer Tutoring

This after school program was purposefully designed to be a hallmark of our school. The aims of Peer Tutoring are twofold:


  • To improve student outcomes by tapping into the proven notion that peers and like-learners are often as equipped as experts to explain a concept to a struggling student. 
  • To normalize the often uncomfortable feeling of needing help and not just seeking it from teachers, but from fellow students. BASIS Independent Silicon Valley students are successful when they take advantage of the plethora of resources at their fingertips.  


Early and Late Bird Program


Early Bird is a voluntary extension of the school day available to all students. Doors open at 7:00 AM for Early Bird and it runs until a student's first class. Early Bird provides a place for students to complete homework and quietly socialize with friends in a structured, supervised environment. Students are required to follow all school disciplinary rules during this time. Students are not allowed to leave the designated area before the start of the student's scheduled classes. There is no fee for Early Bird.


Late Bird is a voluntary, fee-based extension of the school day for all students. Students will be provided an academic environment to complete homework and quietly socialize with friends in a structured, supervised setting.

Schedule: Late Bird begins the first day of school and continues throughout the school year. Late Bird is offered on every full school day.

Time: Late Bird is free and available to all students  Monday through Friday, 2:50 PM to 5:00 PM during the regular school days. Charges accrue is students remain in Late Bird from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. You may pay a drop in fee for each each, or pay the fee for the year, depending on your intended utilization of the service. 

Office Hours: Students are permitted to sign in to Late Bird free of charge while waiting to attend student office hours. If students return to Late Bird after attending student office hours they will be charged a drop-in fee, unless they have pre-paid.

Extracurricular Activities: Students are permitted to sign in to Late Bird free of charge while waiting to attend an extracurricular activity. If students return to Late Bird after attending an extracurricular activity they will be charged a drop-in fee, unless they have pre-paid.


BASIS Independent Silicon Valley is committed to ensuring that getting to and from school is as convenient as possible. Our transportation program includes morning and afternoon bus service throughout the valley and a private web portal for parents to easily connect about arranging carpooling. Our bus routes are comprehensive and attempt to accommodate the majority of students who are interested in the service.

Meal Service

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley offers a healthy and delicious meal program from Choice Lunch. Please learn about their program here. Choice Lunch offers nutritious options that are sensitive to dietary restrictions but don't scrimp on flavor or excitement! 


The full scoop may be found on their website, or you may browse some sample menus here


Thoughtfully Sourced. Deliciously Prepared. Let's Do Lunch!