Mr. McCorkle

Economics Teacher


In 2008, Mr. McCorkle graduated summa cum laude from Hillsdale College with a Bachelor of Arts in economics, and initially became a research fellow at George Mason University's Ph.D. program. The private sector lured him away, and he conducted market analysis for the Hearst Corportation until 2012 when he helped open BASIS Phoenix as an economics and history teacher. 

Mr. McCorkle is a Subject Expert Teacher in economics, teaching AP Econ, 8th grade economics, and a capstone in corporate finance and experimental economics. His goal as an educator is to demonstrate how the tools of economics can help you more effectively accomplish your goals, whatever those might be. He believes economics is best understood through application, and his classes frequently discuss both historical and current examples. This is easy, because economics is everywhere!

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley was an easy choice because it has everything he loves about BASIS schools: hard-working students, knowledgeable colleagues, and dedicated parents. It also has wonderful weather and proximity to some of his favorite places on the planet.

When indoors, Mr. McCorkle likes to cook, play games, and read about economics, history, science, and speculative fiction. Outdoors, he enjoys hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, and skydiving. He also collects rocks, LEGOs, and international currency.