Ms. Medrano

Teaching Fellow

Ms. Medrano graduated from Fresno State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art (with an emphasis in Art History). She will be earning her Master of Arts degree in Art History from San Jose State University in December of 2017. She has been published in two art exhibition catalogues: Minted (2016) and Undercurrents (2017), and in April of 2017, was a presenter at the annual Art History symposium at SJSU where she had the opportunity to discuss her graduate thesis He’s The Hero We Deserve: Batman’s Exemplification Of Hegemonic Masculinity As A Reflection Of Cultural Ideologies Of Male Dominance.

As a Teaching Fellow at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, she most enjoys getting to know the various students at our school. Her greatest hope is that each student feels seen and heard by their teachers so that they know BISV is a safe and fun learning environment. She feels that BASIS Independent Silicon Valley has a stellar reputation for providing quality education to its students, that no doubt comes from having the most inspiring and intelligent group of educators she has ever had the privilege to work with. She is honored to be associated with such a generous group of individuals who are so passionate about their subjects.

Ms. Medrano believes that it is always important to be disruptive of old belief systems that stifle and oppress others. “As a Mexican American female, I understand the value of a higher education and the tenacity us girls must have in that pursuit. I hope to inspire others to also strive for diligence, dedication, and success in all that they do. I want to help my students know their worth.”

In her spare time, she absolutely loves reading (mostly Batman) comic books, playing her Xbox, and collecting all the dinosaur merchandise she can get her hands on.