Ms. Barnett

Latin Subject Expert Teacher

In 2015, Ms. Barnett received her Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Studies with departmental honors from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. During that time she received an Undergraduate Research Award to research, write, present, and publish her undergratuate thesis: "The Portrayal of Female Killers Clytemnestra and Hecuba in 5th BC Athenian Tragedy and Pottery." This research took her from London to New York, Baltimore, and Boston during the summer and fall of 2014. She earned a Masters in the Art of Teaching in Latin and Greek from the University of Vermont in 2017. 

Ms. Barnett chose BASIS Independent Silicon Valley for its dedication to rich education and the challenge such dedication requires. She will be teaching Latin and she will strive to inspire each of her students with an appreciation and love of the classics. She believes every student wants to learn and can, if everyone works together to figure out how. She uses a variety of methods and approaches, and will put in just as much effort as the student to help him/her achieve their goal. 

In her spare time, Ms. Barnett is either writing, reading, watching Netflix, or entertaining her adorable cat Remy.