Mr. Archambault

Physics Teacher

Mr. Archambault graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science in Physics. He teaches 5th grade Introduction to Science, and AP Physics 1, with his goal being to create a classroom environment where students can feel comfortable challenging themselves, making mistakes, and engaging in the learning process.

Before coming to BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, he taught at BASIS Washington, D.C. from 2014-2017. Mr. Archambault loved teaching the BASIS curriculum, and is thrilled to continue teaching it in a new location. He believes that “learning is a collaboration between students and teachers, and that true engagement in the learning process results from active collaboration from everyone involved.” He wants his classroom to be a safe and enjoyable space for students to work through the process of learning, rather than be a place for rote repetition and recollection of facts.

In Mr. Archambault’s free time, he enjoys reading comic books (and talking about superheroes), hiking, camping, baking, and exploring the Bay Area. He’s always looking for new favorite hiking/camping spots, so please share your favorites from around the Bay Area!