Ms. Russell

English Teacher

Ms. Russell obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English Teaching, and minored in Visual Arts with an emphasis in modern dance from Brigham Young University. As a subject expert English teacher, her goal is to not only improve her students’ reading and writing skills, but to help them understand what abilities are needed to achieve higher cognitive and problem processing skills. She chose BASIS Independent Silicon Valley because of the curricular emphasis on increasing student’s problem solving skills and critical thinking skills: subjects are not just taught individually, but instead students are repeatedly encouraged to connect the skills they learn in one classroom to the next-and further still into the outside world.

Her teaching philosophy centers around the belief that students become the most knowledgeable when they learn how to relate newly acquired information to their own day to day experience so that they may see relevance in topics they did not previously have a connection with. Her goal is to teach her students that the skills they learn in an English classroom are applicable to nearly every facet of their lives, and she hopes to encourage them to look for these associations. Ms. Russell feels that “an appreciation for the depth of Literature will help my students develop critical thinking skills that will see them through all stages of life.”

In her time outside of the classroom, she enjoys spending time with her husband and exploring the many adventures the Bay Area provides. She also enjoys exercising, and discovering new food to eat and books to read. A fun fact about her is that she grew up in Florida on the largest cattle ranch in America, Deseret Ranch, where she barrel raced, raised 4H hogs, caught alligators, and built miles and miles of barbed wire fence.