Mr. Rocha-Herrera

Physics Teacher

Mr. Rocha-Herrera graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. During this time, he held an international scholarship during all four years for outstanding scholastic achievement. During his initial years after college, he worked in engineering research co-developing new technologies with other scientists and implementing various technologies at high volume manufacturing sites. He and his team authored and/or co-authored numerous technical papers using applied science and mathematical modeling. As a teacher, he has completed numerous courses in staff development for educators, with emphasis in math and science teaching methods and additional focus on how to apply differentiated instruction for various styles of student learning.

His teaching experience spans over 10 years. Early in his career he was a physics lab instructor at Arizona State University, while most recently he taught physics for five years at BASIS charter schools in Arizona. Mr. Rocha-Herrera’s teaching philosophy focuses primarily on guiding students’ thinking so that they are able to recognize physics principles everywhere in daily life. He prefers to develop physics concept understanding with hands-on activities and examples to encourage scientific curiosity and discovery while having fun. About this upcoming year he says “I feel very fortunate to be able to share my passion for teaching physics with our BASIS Independent Silicon Valley students. There is nothing more rewarding than teaching students who love physics!”

Mr. Rocha-Herrera is thrilled that his own children share this passion for learning, with two of them recently graduating from Ivy League schools. His hobbies outside school include chess, hiking, karaoke, Latin music and comedy.