Ms. Sweet

Drama Teacher

Ms. Sweet received her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies with a Distinguished Minor in Theatre from George Mason University. She also holds a Master of Fine Arts in Acting from Columbia University, where she was awarded the Presidential Merit Scholarship, and studied with world-renowned masters Andrei Serban, Kristin Linklater, and Anne Bogart.

She is thrilled to join the BASIS Independent Silicon Valley family as a Drama Teacher for 6-12th grades. Ever since working with children in New York schools, and especially now as a mother, serving arts in education has been a passionate goal for her. Her dream is for every student to keep a sense of play and imagination as they are honing their critical thinking skills and finding their inner voices. She hopes to instill a deep love and curiosity for the Theatre Arts at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley.

Ms. Sweet appreciates that the Theatre Arts are valued as an integral part of the well-rounded education at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. The strong caliber of subject expert teachers, students who have a deep love of learning, incredibly supportive staff, and rigorous teaching standards make up a few of the reasons why Ms. Sweet is proud to call BASIS Independent Silicon Valley her home.

Ms. Sweet genuinely believes that anyone can do theatre, as long as they’re willing to challenge themselves. She is a fierce proponent of the growth mindset, and encourages her students to take big risks and celebrates their failures. She feels strongly that “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.”

Before becoming a teacher, Ms. Sweet performed professionally on stage in New York and Washington, D.C., as well as the silver screen in both the US and Turkey, from where she hails. Highlights include La Mama etc, New Georges, Garage Theatre, and Asmali Konak, which received the BOGEY Award for its high box office numbers, even beating the opening of Matrix Reloaded in Germany.