Ms. Zhao

Biology Teacher

Ms. Zhao obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience at University of Rochester and at the same time received a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance at the Eastman School of Music. Throughout four years of studying Neuroscience and music, her area of focus was on music cognition, investigating the complex interplays between music and the brain. While working in the University of Rochester Cognitive Science Lab, she explored our bodies' physiological responses to music, the shared neural circuits with communication and music's direct effect on our intelligence, emotions and memory.

Wanting to share her love and passion for science and music, Ms. Zhao went on to pursue a Master of Arts in Secondary Science and Music Education, concentrating on analyzing the correlation between music training and academic performance in school. Her music and research career has taken her to perform and live in 35 cities and 12 countries around the world in Europe, Asia and North America. She's also passionate about languages, minoring in Spanish and French in college.

Ms. Zhao's goal as an Honors Biology teacher is to ignite the passion of learning Biological sciences in her students. "There's such a high demand in Biology related careers in our world, from doctors to research scientists," she says, "I hope it's our brilliant BASIS Independent students that will become our next generation of Biologists and Engineers!"

She chose BASIS Independent Silicon Valley because of the rigorous quality instruction and the globally competitive curriculum it provides students.

Ms. Zhao is passionate about playing piano, performing solo concerts and teaching private piano to students of all ages. She also enjoys horseback riding and crafting espresso and coffee drinks.