Mr. Ryan

Chemistry and Physical Geography Teacher

Earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Edinburgh only hints at the various educational systems in which Mr. Ryan is experienced. "I grew up in England so my early education was through the British system, which is different in many ways including that it does not emphasize the use of standardized tests. I was able to experience the American system both as a graduate student and later as an educator. Such experiences have allowed me to appreciate the strengths and, importantly, the weaknesses in the schooling students receive in each country," he says.

Mr. Ryan wholeheartedly believes that in order for a student to be successful they must be exposed to a variety of teaching styles, which will ultimately make them competitive not just on a national level, but international too. "BASIS Independent Silicon Valley provides that competitive edge students require, and deserve, by incorporating the latest student learning techniques from outside America, and structuring their curricula around this," he says.

In front of a mass spectrometer or behind a bass guitar, Mr. Ryan 'rocks'. A geologist whose love of the outdoors and traveling has lead him to the Greek Islands in the Mediterranean, Cyprus, the Sierra Nevada mountains, southern Spain, the wet and rugged Scottish countryside, and many states across the U.S. In his spare time, Mark is an avid musician. "I love to rock out with my bass guitar, but recently I've been trying out the piano too."