Mr. Meyerowitz

History Teacher

Mr. Meyerowitz has been a teacher at BASIS since 2011, having come to BASIS Independent Silicon Valley from BASIS Peoria in Arizona where he taught a variety of History and English courses, including AP World History, AP European History, and English Literature. He studied at Arizona State University and UC Santa Barbara, earning undergraduate degrees in English and History, a Master's degree in English Literature, and certificates in Medieval and Judaic Studies. Since graduating, he has finished a certificate in Secondary Education and is seeking to qualify for National Board Teaching Certification. At BASIS Independent, he co-sponsors Academic Decathlon and plans to chaperone the EF trip to Peru in May 2018.

Mr. Meyerowitz works for BASIS Independent in order to help fuel the culture of critical thinking and contribute to the premier academic experience our community of learners has established.

When he is not cultivating tribal consciousness and dismantling colonial presumptions in the classroom, you can find Mr. Meyerowitz parading his corgis about town, drafting plots to restore the Habsburg monarch in Europe, and decoding the politics of eyeshadow in Bollywood films.