Mr. Linhares

Math and Astronomy Teacher

Mr. Linhares can be sure that two and two equals four, but having achieved his Master of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, he can also explain that in subatomic physics, finding the four and measuring it are two different things! He achieved his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Pitzer College, and comes to BASIS Independent Silicon Valley after serving as a private tutor for nearly a decade, the personal, student-teacher relationship is one on which he thrives.

He also taught classes in math and nuclear engineering at Berkeley, but BASIS Independent Silicon Valley exerts a strong force. "It has a great reputation for innovating new educational methods, so I jumped at the chance to help change American education for the better. Our emphasis on the partnership between accountability and support aligns closely with my teaching philosophy."

Mr. Linhares loves math, science, and ice hockey - serving as captain of the Raccoons, a San Jose ice hockey team.