Ms. Titus

History Teacher

Ms. Titus graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Thought from Concordia University Irvine. Since the fall of 2015, she has been teaching 7th grade US History and Introduction to Speech and Debate. As a teacher, she hopes to inspire her students to be thoughtful, curious, and life-long learners.

"I love that BASIS Independent doesn't underestimate students and their abilities. I've often been discouraged by school systems that incentivize students to slide by and not do their best. BASIS Independent truly believes that all students are capable of learning and is dedicated to ensuring that students are challenged and inspired," says Ms. Titus. "I also really appreciate that BASIS Independent is concerned with the whole student, not just their academic lives. We strive to create an encouraging environment where students want to work together to succeed, rather than be competitive. BASIS Independent cares about students on a personal level and wants to see them succeed in all areas of life."

In her free time you will most likely see Ms. Titus outside. She loves going to the beach, being at the lake, hiking, and any other activity that involves the great outdoors. She also enjoys reading for many hours on end.