Ms. Wendel

Math and Psychology Teacher

With her experience teaching middle and high school, in the U.S and abroad, Ms. Wendel teaches both Mathematics and AP Psychology here at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. Earning her Master of Science degree in Secondary Education in Mathematics and Psychology/Philosophy from the University of Graz, Austria, she loves sharing her passion of leaning and understanding these subjects with her students.

Her goal as a teacher is to create an environment where students know that their voices will be heard when they have something to say. "I believe in the abilities of every student!" exclaims Ms. Wendel, also saying that "BASIS Independent Silicon Valley provides me with the opportunity to work with different ages and teach high level math to young learners. I believe that a perfect learning environment is determined by the student-teacher relationships and at BASIS Independent the main emphasis is exactly on this relationship. Students know that they are welcome in my office hours, during their lunch or after school and we all work together on our goal to improve and learn. I love the spirt of our BASIS Independent students, they are curious, enthusiastic learners and are always looking for an academic challenge to further improve their knowledge."

Ms. Wendel loves to travel to different countries and has been to China, Australia, various countries in Europe and the US. She moved to Silicon Valley in 2013, and loves to explore new surroundings by bike. Ms. Wendel also enjoys running, swimming, hiking and (coming from Austria) she is a terrific ski instructor.