Dr. Beck

Chemistry and Environmental Science Teacher

With experience performing state-of-the-art research in materials science and applied physics, Dr. Beck brings Environmental Sciences and Chemistry to life in the classroom as only a scientist can! Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Denison University, Ohio, Dr. Beck completed her Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Environmental Science and Engineering at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

She investigated the marine geochemistry of the micronutrient iron as a graduate research assistant, followed by postdoctoral research in the fabrication and characterization of optical fuel cell materials for energy generation. Mentoring a workshop to educate middle and high school science teachers on lesson plans and activities for making dye-sensitized solar cells in their classrooms, Dr. Beck also assisted in hands-on activity development and implementation for an after-school science club in a low-income area in west LA. An avid recreational SCUBA diver, Dr. Beck once spent 33 days on a research cruise in the Southern Ocean, "We used an ROV to gather fossilized, deep sea corals for climate research," said the scientist who has cats named Avogadro and Boltzmann, after the great chemist and physicist.

Thrilled to bring the love of science into the classroom and school labs, Dr. Beck says, "This is an amazing opportunity to work with young, bright minds to help educate and excite the next generation of knowledgeable citizens in our society. Every day I get to discuss two subjects, chemistry and environmental science, both of which I am very passionate about."