Ms. Kosiba

French Teacher

An American who recently acquired French nationality, Ms. Kosiba can certainly relate to individuals that acknowledge the importance of linguistics, as she takes on the role as a Subject Expert Teacher of French.

In hometown Chicago, Ms. Kosiba saw the importance of multilingualism. "I decided to pursue a degree in French. After earning my Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Illinois University, I worked and lived in France for more than eight years." She continues, "I have lived in Metropolitan France and in New Caledonia, a French island in the South Pacific." During her last three years in New Caledonia, she taught foreign language using immersion techniques in a new public bilingual school, Frederic Surleau.

Hearing first about BASIS Schools when her nephew was considering BASIS Peoria (he has since joined!), Ms. Kosiba says, "As I was looking to teach in California, I saw that BASIS Independent Silicon Valley valued teachers as content experts. I like that we do not limit ourselves, instead valuing diverse backgrounds, teachers that are knowledgeable and are motivated to teach with passion for their subject."

Minoring in Philosophy and enjoying books that have a philosophical twist, "I also love to dance and have been taking contemporary dance classes for over 10 years," says Madame Kosiba!