Mr. Kaufman

Math Teacher

In 2016, Mr. Kaufman received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics and Mathematics from Williams College graduating magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa.

As a math teacher at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, Mr. Kaufman “strives to impart students with a strong understanding of the world they live in, and more importantly, to build a habit of questioning their assumptions.”

He is proud to work at BASIS Independent because “it is an institution that believes in the capability of every child to learn at an extremely high level. Having worked with middle school and high school students in tutoring, classroom, and laboratory settings, I strongly believe that inspiring passion and enthusiasm while developing students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills is among the greatest gifts a teacher can provide.”

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Kaufman is an avid musician and composer having written works for orchestra, string quartet, and wind ensemble.