Ms. Duran

Spanish Teacher

La Señorita Carmen grew up in Madrid learning in a bilingual Spanish-French school from age 4 through high-school. She has more than 20 years of experience in the corporate Finance world both in Spain and in the U.S.

Carmen completed her 5 year degree in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and has accredited degrees in French from L’Alliance Française and the Escuela de Idiomas de Madrid. Her passion for educating children has taken her to several classrooms in different schools in Madrid and the Greater Bay Area.

Having worked for multinational enterprises and traveled to Asia, Europe, and South America, she values the incredible benefits of becoming fluent in several languages, and the efforts that BASIS puts into the children’s education fostering successful futures. “I want to help BASIS to achieve its vision of becoming the best school in the world.”

Carmen’s objective as a teacher is for her students to learn Spanish rather than to study Spanish, and to converse in Spanish rather than to translate their thoughts to Spanish. “I want my students to talk to me only in Spanish and understand when I talk to them, as a native speaker, in Spanish. I am very excited about attracting the students interest, so that they thrive participating and contributing to a memorable Spanish learning experience… “en Español.”