Mr. Clark

Spanish Teacher

Mr. Clark holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and a Master's degree in Latin American Literature from Brigham Young University. He is a PhD candidate in Hispanic Studies, with an emphasis in Spanish American Literature and Film, at the University of Georgia.

Mr. Clark is a Subject Expert Teacher for Spanish both in the middle and upper schools. He has seven years of experience teaching Spanish at the university level. As a teacher, he hopes to instill in each of his students a love of language learning. Learning Spanish, especially in California is extremely useful. Mr. Clark's goal is to build on that utility by making class fun and entertaining. By incorporating art, music, literature, and history in my classes he creates dynamic classrooms where students are excited to come back each day.

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley students are hard-working, motivated, and want to do well in their classes. He chose BASIS Independent because, "I believe that I can succeed in helping my students achieve their goals, excel academically, and prepare for college."

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Clark enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children, watching films, and reading. He also loves playing basketball, golf, and tennis.