Ms. Abbas

History Teacher

Ms. Abbas studied Political Science and History at the American University in Cairo. She has been the recipient of several undergraduate grants and has presented academic work at international conferences in Jordan, Germany, France and Atlanta, Georgia.

Ms. Abbas teaches 6th grade World History at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. With her international and multi-cultural experiences, she provides students with an education that will allow them to become global citizens. Being able to accept and tolerate different views and lifestyles is important, and a background on the history of our world is a way in which she believes, students can attain this perspective.

She was born and raised in the Bay Area, so it only seemed natural to return to the region with the unique opportunity to teach a subject she loves and to engage students.

Some fun facts about Ms. Abbas are that she appeared as a guest on several television shows speaking about her experiences in Egypt, including CNN International and The Travel Channel. In addition, as an undergraduate student she was interested in conducting interviews on politics, and had the fortunate opportunity to interview former President Jimmy Carter live on stage at the Cairo Opera House.