Ms. Abdelaziz

English Teacher

Few, if any, English teachers can bring to the classroom the experience of standing in Tahrir Square almost every day during the Egyptian revolution, but Ms. Adbelaziz comes by it naturally, having taught for the past 14 years at various American and International schools in Cairo, Egypt. "The day that Mubarak stepped down was easily one of the happiest days of my life," said the scholar who achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature cum laude from the University of California, Berkeley.

Ms. Abdelaziz earned a Master of Arts in English and Comparative Literature from the American University in Cairo, also receiving a graduate diploma in education. Her most recent classroom experiences include eight years of teaching high school English, coordinating the middle and high school English departments, and working as the Academic Quality Controller at an international school- part of a network managing 55 private and charter schools globally and within the U.S.

She finds that BASIS Independent is irresistible to a teacher who, "loves the idea of working for a school that lends challenges and give us, the Founding Faculty, a sense of pride and accomplishment."