Ms. Jain

Math Teacher

Ms. Jain has a Master's degree in mathematics from Dehradun, India. She started her teaching career back home in India, but has also taught in Singapore and Indonesia. She enjoys teaching and feels that she can connect very easily with her students. Ms. Jain strives to bring out the best in her students and sets a goal to create a stimulating learning environment for each student. When asked about what she likes most about teaching, she says, "I love to see the glimmer in my students' eyes, when they understand a concept."

She chose to work at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley because she has always wanted to work in a school that is revolutionizing the way it educates students.

When she's not teaching she loves nature walks, reading books and cooking. A fun fact about Ms. Jain is that she was scared of dogs until her daughter persuaded the family to get a Maltese Poodle. "We got 'Cupcake' three years ago, and I now adore him and all his furry friends," says Ms. Jain.