Dr. Huet

Physics Teacher

Dr. Huet obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the Université de Liège in Belgium and his Ph.D. from City College of the City University of New York. He taught Physics at institutions ranging from Belgian public schools to Bay Area elite private schools and community colleges.

Dr. Huet ‘s passion for Physics led to six years of prolific research at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and other West Coast institutions, producing seminal work in various areas of fundamental Physics, on topics like the origin of matter-anti-matter asymmetry of the universe, black hole evaporation, and the laws of quantum mechanics. Dr. Huet received 10 United States patents under KLA-Tencor in the semi-conductor industry.

“As a BASIS Independent educator I want to promote the four core aspects of physics, namely, curiosity, exploration, discovery, and fun. BASIS Independent Silicon Valley offers a unique curricular framework that allows passionate educators like myself to dive deep and broad into their subjects. My teaching principles and methods are rooted in my personal learning experiences. My philosophy revolves around stimulating the students’ curiosity, inviting them to develop their own abilities, and elevating them to the levels of innovators, collaborators and leaders,” says Dr. Huet.

In addition to astrophotography, woodworking and woodcarving, he also enjoys the occasional weekend bike ride, and taking care of his dog, Tobi.