Ms. Bhattacharya

Computer Science Teacher

Ms. Bhattacharya, a dedicated teacher who believes that learning is a life-long experience, wrote her first computer program when she was 13 years old. Through that simple code, which told a digital turtle to draw a square, she discovered a passion for technology, and went on to graduate in Computer Science from Nadgir Polytechnic in Bangalore, India.

After developing her professional experience in Information Technology, Ms. Bhattacharya ventured into teaching, and for more than 16 years has been working with children of all ages. Through her commitment to exposing her students to interesting technological applications at every opportunity, she emphasizes the importance of preparing students for life in the digital age, where computer literacy has not only become an asset, but a necessity.

At BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, she finds a great community that supports the highest levels of education. She strives to develop hands-on lessons that challenge, inspire, and support the creative endeavors of her students, and says, “I believe every one of my students has extraordinary potential! I enjoy sharing with them my passion for technology, and for learning.”

Mrs. Bhattacharya is a science-fiction fan, amateur photographer, and loves providing for the many little birds who have made a home of her backyard.