Ms. Ganguli

Math Teacher

Ms. Ganguli earned her Master's degree in Operations Research and Systems Management, and double Bachelor's degree in Physics Honors, Mathematics and Statistics from BHU, India. She attended California State University, Northridge for Secondary Teaching Credential in Mathematics. She is a Phi Kappa Phi Honor and Dean's Merit recipient from California State University.

As a Mathematics and Statistics teacher at BASIS Independent Silicon valley, she enjoys teaching math in innovative ways to students to instill passion and love of learning for mathematics. She believes that a problem can be solved in multiple ways, and the beauty of learning lies in finding all those possible ways and adopting the best possible approach. 

Her goal is to provide a powerful foundation to students so that they may solve advanced problems, often in miraculously simple ways. She loves to challenge bright and curious minds, and to encourage critical thinking in her students so that they may discover creative approaches towards problem solving. 

"BASIS Independent offers its students the best education at an internationally competitive level. The school seeks out teachers from diverse walks of life to provide a unique teaching atmosphere to its students. It harbors high expectations of its students and the  school's records consistently shows top student performance for standardized and AP testing. I am proud to be a part of the BASIS Independent family," she says.

She loves to read, enjoys nature and visiting all the scenic national parks in North America.