Mr. Hrin

Physics Teacher

From 2003-2008, Mr. Hrin attended the Colorado School of Mines where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics in 2007, and a Master of Science degree in Applied Physics in 2008. He also received the Outstanding Physics Graduate Award upon completing his Bachelor's degree in 2007. From 2008 to 2011, he attended the University of Michigan, receiving a Master of Science degree in Biophysics.

"After working as a general science and math teacher for four years, I joined BASIS Independent as a physics teacher in order to focus on teaching the areas about which I am most passionate," Mr. Hrin says. "I look forward to delving into the most effective ways to communicate difficult concepts about the physical world to young students."

"I chose BASIS Independent because this organization, more than any other I've seen, combined as extensively rigorous academic curriculum with a supportive environment for the students. I thought that this was a school that could teach students to love the challenge of learning and working hard," he says.

Mr. Hrin's personal interests are somewhat eclectic, ranging from Brandon Sanderson fantasy novels, to bouldering in a climbing gym, to cooperative board games. "I was captain of the baseball team in high school, so I visit the batting cages often," states Mr. Hrin.