• Project Title: Shopify Dropshipping: Let's Make it Rain!

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. McCorkle

  • Internship Location: Credo

  • Onsite Mentor: Mr. Jeff Twombly

Are you interested in the concept of online sales? In my project, I will be attempting to learn more about online selling and understanding the psychology factors at work that would cause someone to buy a product. My project, conducted at Credo, will focus on Shopify Dropshipping. For those that do not know, Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows people to sell items online, and which prompted my Research Question: “Are the barriers of entry low for Shopify Dropshipping?” On YouTube, many people claim that it is easy to make money online through Shopify, and my goal is to put this claim to the test. Throughout my research, I will be committed to learning about social media marketing as well as customer buying behavior. During my project, I am going to read Blue Ocean Strategy, the E-myth, and Way of the Wolf (books on business strategy and marketing). I hope to apply some of the principles that I have learn from reading these books toward my project.