• Project Title: Kylie Jenner, k-pop, and Katrina Kaif: The Economic Impact of a Rising Aesthetic Medicine Field

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. McCorkle

  • Internship Location: RenewMD

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Simran Sethi

The new age of social media influencing has been marked by the cosmetics/beauty industry overlap with the traditional pharmaceutical model, resulting in the new aesthetics medicine field. Spurred on by social media marketing and various celebrity endorsements, the aesthetic medicine field has gained traction. But how has the pharmaceutical industry responded to this change? As pharmaceuticals venture into the aesthetics field, the growth of the industry as a whole may be seeing some changes. Allergan, a classic example of this trend, became one of the key players in the aesthetics industry, with revenues soaring from its Botox products. By comparison, Pfizer, a more traditional pharmaceutical company has continued with R&D of disease-specific medicines and treatment plans, centering their purpose in “commitment to fund programs that provide public benefit, advance medical care, and improve patient outcomes.” This project, conducted at RenewMD, examines the marketing strategies of the emerging aesthetic medical field; specifically, how social media platforms contribute to the more common use of cosmetic surgery and other aesthetic procedures. Looking at the field in the wider context of the pharmaceutical industry and performing a financial and market analysis of these two companies will provide insight into the nature of change in the pharmaceutical field. In addition, I will be producing a podcast, which will discuss diverse cultural perspectives regarding cosmetic procedures.