• Project Title: Developing a Predictive Model on a Net Promoter Score to Improve Product Quality

  • BASIS Advisor: Ms. Liu

  • Internship Location: Cisco Systems

  • Onsite Mentor: Julia Zhu

In company management, products must be maximized and minimized in certain locations. My project addresses the importance of a net promoter score. A net promoter score is a scale—similar to rating system that is typically out of five stars—used to indicate to corporations which product should be maximized and where it ought to be implemented. With large corporations, they often lack the resources to conclude where to execute certain products, so they resort to their previous product. As time progresses, new products will inevitably set new trends. To help Cisco Systems Inc., where I will be completing my project, I will work with data scientists to efficiently calculate a net promoter score via python algorithms and effectively plot trends of these net promoter scores over a period of time. Through my project, I hope to further understand data science and help Cisco Systems with their Catalyst 3650 series—a networking switch which aids the travel of information from different parts of organizations to the desired location. This project is substantially important in keeping companies up-to-date with their products. As customers, we do not want to constantly use old, outdated products when there are new products being manufactured. Alerting corporations of the demand for certain products in specific locations is vital for company growth and prosperity.