• Project Title: Police Misconduct: Creating an Official Database

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Vermouth

  • Internship Location: Coalition for Police Accountability

  • Onsite Mentor: Mr. Mohan Srinivasan

Police brutality and misconduct claims have steeply risen in the past few years. While there are many sides to this issue, one persistent complaint is that these reports are not being tracked between departments. When crimes committed by officers are seemingly so common in the United States, why is there no federal database to track officer misconduct? Having an official database in place would make these incidents and their handling more transparent, encourage the collection of more evidence, and hopefully prevent repeat offenders from being rehired or transferred to new departments where they have a clean slate. This, theoretically, would reduce the number of officers in the police force who have a history of violence and increase citizen trust in local police departments. This is where my project comes in. I will work with the Coalition for Police Accountability to interview police officers about the way misconduct is handled today, as well as victims of police misconduct and individuals who have already attempted to create similar databases. After gathering this information, I will build my own sample database. The goal of this database will be to create a tool is useful in helping police departments make informed hiring decisions and build trust among the community.