• Project Title: Integrated Design: The Cultivation of an Inspired Student Body

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Charuhas

  • Internship Location: Facebook/BISV

  • Onsite Mentor: Mr. Chris Wojcicki

The interplay between color and our emotions is a well-documented psychological phenomenon. Interior designers carefully select color schemes for homes, workplaces, and schools to match the “vibe” of that environment. The red, grey, and white color scheme of BASIS Independent Silicon Valley is contemporary but lacks the warmth needed in a nurturing school environment. The key goal of my project is to create a mural to add some color to our school, an important step in the process of promoting a positive school culture. The technology company Facebook promotes mural design across their campus to create an environment of happiness and transparency amongst their employees. Working with one of Facebook’s art designers, I will run psychological studies to establish a link between color and the emotional responses of BASIS Independent Silicon Valley students. Then, I will use that data to create a vibrant mural as a step towards building an inspired student body.