• Project Title: Common Health Disorders Among Wildlife and Their Causes

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Barnes

  • Internship Location: Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley

  • Onsite Mentor: Ms. Anna Van Patten

The purpose of this project is to research the most common health disorders that affect wildlife and also determine the origin of the disorders. In my attempt to pinpoint the origin of the disorder, I will be able to share the potential cause with researchers, biologists, and environmentalists to contribute to their research. The Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley will aid my research with the help of their staff and wildlife veterinarians. As part of my project, I will admit animals to WCSV and shadow the veterinarian as he or she treats them. As soon as I have enough information about the condition for which the animal has been brought in, I will narrow down my area of focus to one species and expand on the biology of the disorders found in this species. By focusing on only one species, I can better spend my time making my project detailed and accurate. I expect to find multiple common disorders and their causes. I hope to share my findings with WCSV, state or local wildlife agencies, and the EPA as well. The significance of this project is related to the plethora of disorders wild animals typically are admitted with. A disease from a wild animal could easily spread to other wildlife or even pets. Animals, wild or domesticated, should be safe from all harmful disorders.