• Project Title: Bringing you The Offer

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Thomas

  • Internship Location: TekPlay Systems

  • Onsite Mentor: Mr. Eswaran Rama

There are times where you might be in a need of something urgent and send an invite out to several people on different platforms. However, in cases where you only need one person to respond but get three separate responses, you might have an awkward situation on your hands. The Offer Application allows you to send “temporary” invites to groups of people; once the required amount of people respond to the Offer, the event is immediately deleted for all parties. This application focuses on streamline planning and has three different types of invites: Basic Offer, Recurring Offer, and Advanced Offer. The Basic Offer works as a regular invite that sends a text message to the recipients. The Recurring Offer works for any recurring events by sending a constant reminder for an event for a recurring period of time. The Advanced Offer is a special invite that incorporates the deletion feature after being accepted by a specific party. My role for the Offer App as part of my Senior Project is to complete the Advanced Offer features for release on the Android market; I will be working at TekPlay Systems. My main two tasks for the project are to create a color-coded calendar that will incorporate and track all the different events, and to implement a time-and-date picker within the user interface that will allow the user to schedule their events on the calendar. This project will allow me to improve on my programming skills and apply them in the software world.