• Project Title: One Life-Changing Hour

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Neff

  • Internship Location: Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge

  • Onsite Mentor: Ms. Hope Presley

Could the world be changed in just one hour? If everyone spent one hour learning about the environment, the world could be a very different place. The numerous environmental education programs at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge aim to make that dream a reality. However, for optimal results, the programs at the wildlife refuge must be the best they can be. Thus my project will determine how effective the interpretive programs at the Environmental Education Center are in eliciting eco-friendly behavioral changes within program attendees. By working with surveys, I will receive direct information from participants on their lifestyle choices before, immediately after, and one month following a program. Though the surveys are concise, they will provide me with invaluable information on the quality of the programs and potential areas of improvement. Additionally, the surveys will allow me to make correlations between demographics and eco-friendly behavior tendencies. The project’s significance goes beyond the wildlife refuge, as it will provide insight on which specific groups should be targeted so that environmental awareness rates can be increased in the Bay Area and beyond.