• Project Title: The Science of the Rechargeable Dry-Cell Battery

  • BASIS Advisor: Raymond N.

  • Internship Location: AQS, Inc.

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Ben Park

Solar Technology seeks to be the new alternative to traditional energy sources such as coal or natural gas. While not initially nearly as efficient in producing energy compared to coal, requiring a large area to produce usable amounts of energy and being quite expensive, the technology has seen vast improvements in its efficiency and government subsidies lower the prices. Yet, one concept is largely forgotten in our pursuit for this energy source. Most people who use solar energy do not actually have a battery to store the energy produced by their solar panels. All these people are still connected to the grid and, rather than produce energy for themselves, simply send that energy out into the power grid. My investigations will study the efficiency of solar energy in Silicon Valley and consider if it is possible to produce a self-sustaining solar battery system. My study will look into energy usage data for San Jose. Based on the data for the average user, I will be able to calculate the energy that a solar array will be able to produce. Working on this data will allow me to estimate the size and type of battery required to create the self-sustainable system. Thereby, I will be able to confirm whether the self-sustainable model is possible or feasible for owners of solar energy systems, which will allow owners to essentially live independent to electrical companies entirely.