• Project Title: Music Selection Based on Photo and Scene Analysis with Machine Learning

  • BASIS Advisor: Ms. Jordana

  • Internship Location: Google

  • Onsite Mentor: Mr. Yifei Teng

Music adds an incredible amount of emotional information and context to pictures. In movies, sound effects and the soundtrack can convey the theme of the whole movie. Often, choosing the right music for a slideshow or movie is incredibly hard. Through my project, conducted at Google, my goal is to create an application that allows users to input photos and in turn, the program will intelligently suggest songs to accompany that group of images. This program can greatly reduce the time of creating slideshows while increasing the quality of slideshows. Furthermore, this technology can be expanded for a set of photos in a motion sequence, such as for creating movie soundtracks. Additionally, all datasets that I may create will be released, which would be useful for other data-heavy machine learning projects.