• Project Title: Achieving True Artificial Intelligence with Genetic Algorithms

  • BASIS Advisor: Ms. Bhattacharya

  • Internship Location: Hacker Dojo

  • Onsite Mentor: Andrey Nikolov

In today’s world, stronger artificial intelligence is the key driver in innovation in the technology sector. While the current focus is generally about deterministic learning systems, it is important to consider alternate ways of making stronger artificial intelligence. This can be done by using learning methods that rely on chance and model how intelligent life itself arose. At Hacker Dojo, I will explore a variety of genetic algorithms, which attempt to imitate the evolution of life and transform it into the evolution of code, allowing me to tap into creativity and efficiency in ways that very few research projects are currently following. By comparing and contrasting many different approaches to “True AI”, I aim to determine which approach is the most practical as well as the most useful both from the business as well as the research standpoints.