• Project Title: Controlling Allergy-Induced Symptoms in Pediatric Patients

  • BASIS Advisor: Ms. Batrachenko

  • Internship Location: Kaiser Permanente

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Michael Vu

Immunotherapy is a cutting-edge treatment that is being used not only for allergies but also to for diseases such as cancer and HIV. However, in order to make immunotherapy accessible to different populations, side effects must be controlled to ensure patient safety. By starting with controlling allergy-induced asthmatic symptoms, I will be opening a pathway to control the inhibiting side effects, whether they are gastrointestinal or respiratory, that come as a result of immunotherapy. At Kaiser Permanente, I will look into clinical studies that have been conducted to treat asthma in pediatric patients, including any drug and oral treatments, in order to uncover a treatment or combination of treatments that can be used to control debilitating symptoms.