• Project Title: Mars B : Modeling Construction of Geo-Magentic Field

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Adams

  • Internship Location: NuFORENSICS

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Scott Carpenter

Habitable land has always been deemed as scarce and limited. We see this concept everywhere, from economics to history to biology. This idea of scarcity has inevitably driven a spike in the interest of inhabiting other planets, such as Mars. Mars has many shared traits with Earth that make it the top candidate for colonizing: twenty-four hours in a day, the presence of water, and a cycle of different seasons. In this project, I will work with team members at NuFORENSICS to study the potential of building a superconducting ring around Mars, a step that would create a geo-magnetic field (similar to that of Earth’s) around the planet, helping to ward off solar wind, and consequently move humanity one step closer to the goal of living on Mars. To model such a ring, we will need to study dipole magnetic fields, superconductors, and inductance. In addition, there must be a consideration of materials and costs, as well as the ring’s impact on society and health. Through this project, we will explore a solution that has not yet been researched.