• Project Title: Using Cosmogenic 10Be Exposure Dating of Marine Terraces at Pillar Point to Assess the influence of climate change on terrace formation in northern California

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Ryan

  • Internship Location: San Jose State University

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Kim Blisniuk

Current literature on the San Gregorio fault lacks information on the geometry of the fault near the town of Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay. In particular, this town is currently experiencing road closures and building damage from fault activity and landsliding, which makes this section of the San Gregorio Fault relevant and urgent to understand. Several sedimentary units of a marine terrace have been uncovered by landslides and are offset by the fault. Working with San Jose State University, I will take samples from varying depths within the terraces to be examined via cosmogenic Beryllium-10 exposure dating and match the ages of formation to climatic events from existing records of the glacial periods of North America. I will also help create a depth profile that compares location beneath the surface of the terrace with predicted nuclide levels to verify that our models and to further examine the cause of creation of the terraces. The goal of these comparisons is to determine the extent to which fault activity is impacting the terraces heights, and therefore the region. From this information, I hope to be able to determine processes of terrace formation and fault geometry through the region, which will contribute to the overall body of literature on the San Gregorio fault.