• Project Title: Fostering Student Success at KIPP

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Brown

  • Internship Location: KIPP San Jose Collegiate

  • Onsite Mentor: Mr. Tom Ryan

Student engagement is linked to higher academic achievement. One way to look at the problem of a widening achievement gap is by focusing on the so-called “vulnerable” student population, which consists of low-income, minority students, who tend to have lower academic achievement. This study will be centered around KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) San Jose Collegiate since they are known for high student achievement and engagement in their classrooms while primarily serving low-income students. In addition, a question that arose during preliminary research findings is whether or not implementing technology can truly be a sort of saving tool or just a barrier to student engagement among low-income, minority students. I will observe both a 9th grade biology and a 9th grade English class for six periods each in order to examine how teaching methods and activities affect student engagement.