• Project Title: The Generation Connection

  • BASIS Advisor: Ms. Yearling

  • Internship Location: Los Altos United Methodist Church

  • Onsite Mentor: Ms. Carol Damonte

Loneliness can be a major problem for senior citizens. I have identified a solution that not only helps seniors mitigate this loneliness, but also may assist young people in finding affordable housing in the Bay Area. Seniors and younger people living together is an excellent way to both alleviate loneliness in seniors and balance affordable housing problems for young people moving to the Bay Area. Through the Los Altos United Methodist Church, I intend to conduct research on this relationship by interviewing people who have participated in a living arrangement such as this. I intend to answer questions such as how the pairing benefited both parties and how they came into contact with each other. After about a month of data collection I will make it into a book, with pictures of the families sharing their story and presenting my overall research on the subject.