• Project Title: Reducing Frequency Bandwith of Compton Scattering

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Linhares

  • Internship Location: Old Dominion University

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Balsa Terzic

Thomson and Compton sources are important sources of electromagnetic radiation. The scattered radiation from these sources has a narrow frequency bandwidth, making it useful in areas such as nuclear physics, medicine, and homeland security. Typically, as intensity of a laser pulse increases, the frequency bandwidth increases as well, reducing yield in the desired frequency range. However, it has been shown that oscillating the frequency of an incident laser pulse in Thomson sources can reduce the frequency bandwidth of scattered radiation. Prior simulations of Compton sources have aligned well with experimental results and can provide insights into how the frequency bandwidth of Compton sources may be reduced. Thus, I hope to build upon past simulations and further study how Compton sources may be improved. Since the project primarily requires programming, physics, and mathematics, it will be feasible for me to approach the project remotely and conduct my research from Old Dominion University. At the end of the project, I hope to produce a paper about the physical equations and mathematical simulation methods used along with the simulation program itself.