• Project Title: "The Horror, The Horror": The Exploration of the Effects of Audiovisual Stimuli in Horror Games

  • BASIS Advisor: Ms. Jefferson

  • Internship Location: Cogswell College

  • Onsite Mentor: Ms. Mira Nikolic

The unspoken rule of a video game: The more you use your faculty senses, the more invested you will be. Game developers painstakingly develop complex characters and plots for their games, but without the proper SFX and audiovisuals, the game is merely just a husk of its potential. Many players and even some developers overlook the effects that well-implemented audiovisual stimuli can have on a player, from the rise and fall of a character’s breath to the tangible and audible effects of a breeze. This project, conducted at Cogswell College, seeks to answer the question of how important these effects are, and why it is essential not to overlook these details. By designing a horror game—a genre known for vivid sounds and obscured vision—from the ground up, I will be able to playtest different versions of my game and try to find a correlation between a heightened sense of investment and the amount of audiovisual effects I employ.