• Project Title: From Script to Screen: How to Write and Develop a TV Show

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Hansen

  • Internship Location: Walt Disney Studios

  • Onsite Mentor: Roslind Sanders

Our current period of history is marked by tremendous growth in film and television written by an increasingly diverse cast of writers, directors, and actors who have worked hard to get to where they are. Making a piece of film in Hollywood has always been considered a game of luck and one-off chances—an individual has a good idea, writes it down, and, through a series of lucky breaks, it becomes a movie. But what really goes into filmmaking? The process is so mysterious that thousands of books and pay walled online classes have claimed they can lead you to success in Hollywood. Through my project, I plan to find out the process of turning an idea into an industry-standard screenplay. Throughout the process, I will also seek to learn how screenplays are written, what production companies are looking for in a screenplay, and what the traits of a commercially and critically successful story are. Roslind Sanders, a seasoned writer at Walt Disney Studios, has written a variety of screenplays ranging in genres from period drama to contemporary comedy. She’s been through the process of screenwriting and film production for several of her works, and with her help, I’ll be able to truly understand the process of story and film production.