• Project Title: The Personalities of Northern Elephant Seals

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Vervoort

  • Internship Location: UC Santa Cruz/Ano Nuevo

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Patrick Robinson

Ano Nuevo, one of the largest marine mammal reserves in California and the world, has been collecting quantitative data on elephant seals for decades. In my Senior Project, working alongside Ms. Holser, I seek to address a connection between the quantitative data that has been obtained about the health and longevity of individual seals, and then form a causal relationship between the various data and the “personalities” of the elephant seals. The personalities of the seals will be defined by their reactions to outside stimuli, such as elephant seal calls and human noises. My research, conducted at UC Santa Cruz, seeks to determine what type of seal succeeds most in nature. This project is applicable to marine mammals overall and to other predatory sea creatures that travel long distances to hunt.