• Project Title: Breaking Down Our Broken Healthcare System: The Effect of Coding Defects on Healthcare Prices and Customer Satisfaction

  • BASIS Advisor: Brown

  • Internship Location: UC Berkeley, School of Public Health

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Timothy Brown

Healthcare is becoming increasingly expensive for patients to afford, despite a consistent use of healthcare products. The rise in prices not only decreases a patient’s access to necessary healthcare, like diagnostics, but it also makes evident a form of corruption in private insurance companies. However, while the rise in healthcare prices are rampant and apparent, the mechanism is not yet clear as to exactly how insurance companies increase the prices that patients have to pay out-of-pocket. For these reasons, I have decided to study the relationship between current insurance policies in the Bay Area and the access to diagnostic tools by at-risk patients. This field of research is rich for exploration and will hold a wealth of information about how insurance and healthcare companies treat the community in the Bay Area. Are coding defects a mechanism to the rise of healthcare prices in the Bay Area? What is the correlation between the number of coding defects and customer debt or satisfaction? Focusing on the specific perspective of healthcare providers, I hope to construct a clear narrative that discusses this complex relationship.