Dear Visitor,

It is hard for me to fully articulate what it is that I believe makes our school so remarkable. I have the genuine privilege to serve as the Head of School here and it is humbling to be a part of such a forward thinking and dynamic community. Our incredible, passionate, and dedicated teachers bring the internationally recognized BASIS Curriculum to life in a setting that fosters a dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and the pleasure inherent in scrutinizing and understanding the world around us. Our students study a wide variety of subjects – from Classical Civilizations to advanced mathematics. They are taught to be critical and analytical thinkers – to be open minded and autonomous – to trust themselves and to excel.

Throughout this website you will find details regarding the many academic accomplishments from within our student body. This is a school where there truly is no shortage of success. Incredible performances on BASIS Curriculum developed examinations, Advanced Placement Tests, and in the OECD Test for Schools based on PISA are rightly championed and celebrated. Competitive academics, college acceptances, remarkable individual achievements – all are worth pointing to. For me, the foundation for all of these is the real story – the magic that goes on daily in our classrooms. A combination of student intellectual curiosity and faculty subject expertize leads to an environment where learning is valued for its own sake and embraced as a means in itself, and not simply an end.

When reflecting on the traits or characteristics that make a successful BASIS Independent student or teacher I always return to one shared attribute – a belief that at this school, any and all of us can achieve remarkable things.

Yours Sincerely.

Mr. Toby Walker

Head of School