Week 11: Writing a Paper

May 18, 2021

Hi everyone! Welcome to my 11th senior blog. This week’s blog will be quite short as I am working on the slides for my mock presentation and am starting an exciting new phase of my project. As the title suggests, this exciting new phase is the fact that I am writing a paper on my project. When I say paper, I’m not referring to an essay or a short write-up. I aim to write an academic paper that could ideally be published in a journal or conference in the future! Let’s get into it.

Writing an academic paper is not a simple task by any means. There are clear formatting guidelines and a specific style of writing that is necessary. Moreover, academic papers are split into clearly defined sections such as introduction, methods, discussion, conclusion, etc. In my case, I am using my past senior blogs and other project information to write a paper in this format and style. Given that academic papers need to be really well structured and written without much “fluff” (extraneous information), I will consult with my external advisors for help with this. Additionally, I hope to incorporate multiple rounds of edits in the future. This will ensure that the quality of writing and the actual contributions of my paper are suitable for an academic venue. For me, it’s definitely been a great experience to write a paper on my project. Even though it’s a lot of effort, I feel like I’m recounting the progress that I made throughout the last 10-12 weeks! In the future (after my senior project ends), I hope to submit this paper to a workshop or conference where I can present it to a domain-specific audience. 

In terms of next steps, I hope to finalize my slides in the coming week and add in the necessary edits for my senior project presentation. I will also try to finish my paper before the end of week 13 so that I can share it with you all! Thanks for reading through this super short blog and I hope to see you all next week.  

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