Concluding: Adding Final Touches, Preparing, Racing (Week 12)

May 14, 2019

Hello Blog Readers to the final blog post of this project at week 12!

Over the course of these 12 weeks, it has been an exciting experience being able to venture out of our traditional school environment, and having a chance to work on our passions in a relaxed environment. This senior project was definitely one of the biggest aspects of BASIS Independent Silicon Valley that attracted me here in 9th grade. In these 4 years of my high school, I have felt that BASIS Independent has clearly prepared me to face the real world and embrace creativity. For everyone outside of the school, I highly recommend looking into this school — this is my own thoughts after my successful & happy high school life.

Specifically discussing the project, I was able to wrap up most of my application. I have made a demo application that sits on two computers and can communicate with each other using secure networking. However, there are a few things I would like to continue on into the future. For example, I would like to improve the UI (user interface) of the product to make it appeal to new users and explain the technology. Along with that, there is a little work to be done with making the connection between two computers fully automated. However, this project was mostly as a research project for me to learn more about technologies and put forth a concept, which I feel I have successfully done.

Going onto the final project ending, I was very pleased with the plethora of information I gathered from this project. From essential security protocols and standards that I heavily used in my application to other new and interesting ideas I had seen, this senior project has fully graduated me into a college student. Along with learning online and collaborating with industry professionals, I had opportunities to network with other industry leaders in developer conferences, which vastly expanded my horizon.

I would like to end with a thank you to my internal advisor Mrs. Bhattacharya, external advisor Mr. Sameer Gupta, my parents for their support, and BASIS Independent for giving me the platform to reach this level.

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